the world outside slips slowly away, and the beloved cultural heritage of San Antonio springs to life in all her multifaceted beauty. Originally constructed as La Mansion Del Norte in 1978, this hotel was famous for drawing visitors from around the world who sought an authentic experience with San Antonio’s true character.

Now this local gem is being restored and revitalized. Featuring a lush, vibrant central courtyard – an Edenesque setting for serenity, ceremony and celebration – and the first-ever restaurant by famed caterer DON STRANGE OF TEXAS, Estancia del Norte is the perfect stopping place for all the most meaningful celebrations in life.

We welcome you as Estancia del Norte opens her doors to all who are looking to experience what it is about San Antonio that has enchanted visitors for centuries.

The grand courtyard, so vital to traditional Spanish architecture, is the crown jewel of the Estancia del Norte, an Edenesque setting for serenity, for ceremony and most importantly, for celebration. In this oasis, all five senses are engaged and ignited. Five stories of arched columns with signature ironwork. The soothing sounds from a bubbling fountain. Lush greenery bursting with tropical pops of color. Aromas from orange trees and an open-
air restaurant, and the cool feel of terracotta and Saltillo tile underfoot. Even the weather appears more temperate in this protected microclimate, where the bustling activity outside these walls can no longer be seen or heard.

“Estancia” derives from a Latin word meaning “stopping place,” a place to relax and restore, and it’s precisely these virtues that Estancia del Norte offers to her visitors. The most meaningful celebrations in life – weddings, quinceañeras, reunions and anniversaries – are opportunities to stop time, to cast aside our daily routines and rush of activities to gather together, to commune, to just slow down and be present amidst the beautiful details that will color our most treasured memories.

From wedding parties to business travelers, casual visitors to locals looking for respite from the busy world outside, the Estancia del Norte opens her doors to those looking to experience what it is about San Antonio that has enchanted visitors for centuries.